Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Update: The 17th was the first anniversary of the kidney transplant. "Golden Champ" is working fine. I wanted to host a cook-out to celebrate with a few of the people who went out of their way to support us, but Cathy was out of town. Can't have a proper celebration without my donor! So we post-phoned until the fall. It will be cooler by then anyway. And Monday was the first infusion I had in Little will be a real blessing to us not to have to be on the road five days for a 2-hr appointment. When they saw us get up extra-early, the cats assumed we were hitting the road. They seemed happy the suitcase didn't come out and we returned that afternoon......

FROM the day we're born to the day we die we wear many hats as our lives unfold. They change constantly. Some we wear a short while and discard. Others we wear forever (sibling, parent, son or daughter, spouse, friend...)

Some are placed on our heads through actions and circumstances. Some we seek out or wish for. Others can wear us down, drain our energy, or take up too much time. They feel heavy, weigh us down, and can be a real burden. Others are light as a feather, and worn proudly.

Why are we given some hats and not others? Why do we select the ones we do? Some hats fit like a glove; others are so ill-fitting we can't wait to tear it off our head.

Are you wearing any hats you particularly like?
Or is there one you can't wait to have lifted off your head?

Here's hoping a stiff, strong wind blows that one away and soon...