Friday, October 21, 2011

Fistulas and Fundraising

On the plus side: this fistula surgery was just in time for Halloween. My arm is still swollen (not twice as large as my other arm anymore, but I still look like I have a man's arm), and the bruises are spectacular. The incision runs across the bend inside my arm and makes it appear my lower arm has been badly sewn on, and I have a egg-sized bump there that accents the gruesome. The glue (instead of stitching it up) from the cut is yellow and peeling.

I can finally start typing, but that's about it.

On the minus side, it still hurts. I am a prisoner to a foam cast from shoulder to wrist, and can't bend my left arm, which makes things like pushing my hair back and putting it in a ponytail for washing my face, or putting on contacts, or earrings, impossible, not to mention taking a shower or adjusting a bed pillow. It's been hellish. Five more days to go for a check-up and hopefully, a green light to resume my life. I have to check the flow with a stethoscope four times a day to make sure the fistula is forming and not closing up.

Because we were dealing with Be's surgeries and death this spring, we were unable to have our annual Wing Spur fundraiser for the mustangs. This summer was too hot. So we are having a fundraiser Dec. 1 that is quite a departure from anything we have done previously. We are showing a new documentary in a downtown theater.

The film is just out and already receiving wide acclaim and awards. It's called 'Wild Horses@Renegades,' (Our showing will be the AR premiere of the film), to be followed by a video of our wild ones. Catering will be by one of the 'hot' restaurants, fortunately, owned and operated by good friends of ours. We will have a live band.

Leading up to this, Excy and I will read stories for the Nov. 22 show 'Tales of the South' that is on the local NPR and now syndicated throughout the country. Excy will tell a story about starting the sanctuary and getting the two bands (families) together. I don't know what my 'tale' will be yet, but I'm leaning towards Francis the fox and the 'coons. Kinky Friedman has signed on as our fifth and newest board member. He has a tour so can't come or do anything at this relatively quick notice, but he says in the future he can get some of his singer friends to perform at future events (yea!), and he's been interested and open to making time to come visit.

So in the midst of a lot of darkness and health gloom, it's certainly nice that this is coming together.

Sunday, October 2, 2011


Finished two projects recently. The hound dogs are recently deceased and were companions of a friend who helped us out with Be and Be's funeral and I wanted to thank him...

The Christmas stocking is for our now-two-year-old grand daughter...

I am working on a tiger for myself (for a change). I am having surgery to have a fistula in my arm, and will be getting ready for it (surgery's next Tuesday). It takes from 3 to 6 months to form and needs to be ready before surgery to have the kidney remnant removed, and will be used for future dialysis. I may post this week but may not if it gets crazy. I will get back to the blogging and blog visiting soon. Blessings...