Thursday, February 27, 2014

Two quick reads

Finding little time these days for long novels, I recommend two short reads that have crossed my path.  Both are first-time fictions from friends (for full disclosure) but recommended……

Running With George by Charles Lunsford is a fictional drama with elements taken from Chip's life experiences, which gives the story its flavor of authenticity. Set in sunny Florida, the book is an absorbing drama about a man who, on the cusp of 40, finds himself at odds after his husband of 20 years dies suddenly. After a long period of mourning 'Chester' begins to wake up the fact he must move forward. After taking a hard look in the mirror and not liking what he sees, he vows to begin running. A chance encounter with a runner and neighbor leads to an unexpected new life directions, with new friends and, at long last, a new love. Whether you are gay, lesbian, transgender or straight, the story of taking risks and starting over is universally relatable. It has some steamy adult content, so make sure the kiddies don't pick it up :) Running With George is available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Regal crest, and has a FB page.

Immaculate Conceptions by S.E. Sward is another highly fictionalized drama taken from elements of real life experience. This novel follows the adventures and experiences of four young women dealing with the pleasures and pain of relationships, marriage, and the trials and tribulations of trying to have children. The  four women, having difficulty conceiving, find one another through a fertility website. Though each are dramatically different with such different lives, what follows are friendships that last through many ups and downs. You may find yourself rooting for one or more than others, but you will always remain interested in the outcome of their lives. This book is now offered as a free download:  

Immaculate Conceptions Free eBook
The author hopes you will share the story with family and friends and through word of mouth, and rate and review it on Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, Lulu, GoodReads, Book Crossing, Shelfari, Tumblr and any other social networking site you may be on. 

Friday, February 7, 2014

Want some Ice?

Here is the link to TALES FROM THE SOUTH podcast. I am the second storyteller.

We are engulfed in another 'Ice Age' week……so far the gutters are torn, the roof may need some work, trees are down all over, with some root balls showing, and the bamboo hiding our neighbor's trailer home and dog kennels isn't looking happy. WOWZA. More snow and ice are expected today and Monday and Tuesday.

Between running to town to drive "MR and MRS 'Daisy' " to the hospital and dr appts life's just a laugh-riot. Really considering how we can afford a trip -- anywhere - but holding up a bank seems the only option. I don't think I have the energy to deal with the fall-out from that, but we shall see.

The mustangs -- normally lovers of cold weather -- are crying 'uncle' and huddling in their running shed, which is quite unusual. The wild geese have to be held at bay or they will chase off the ducks for their food. The 'coons seldom brave weather like this to come to the terrace to eat, but when they do I keep an eye out so they don't slog through the ice and snow only to be disappointed.

The other day in ONE day I made lamb stew, chicken-cheddar-tomato stew, coleslaw, and apple pie. Now all there is to do is grow fat watching TV until we can thaw out….what are your plans this weekend? At least there is Downton Abbey and Sherlock on Sunday...