Monday, July 19, 2010

Dog days

Is anybody out there as 'over' summer as I am? With our a/c going off days and nights in a row (Mr Fix-it was finally called out for the third time), torturous heat, relentless ticks and chiggers the moment we step off the porch or onto the terrace, coupled with four family members in and out of the hospital in varying stages of chronic/major illnesses, have all combined to culminate disharmony to any Zen-like mood I had left clinging to me.

I know all the platitudes -- and if you spout them to be now, be prepared for my suggestion they be shoved straight up your bum. Let's not go there.

One of my best, long-time friends will probably be reminding me shortly this grand-funk usually comes around the time of my impending BD. It's not the BD itself that gets to me as much as what didn't get accomplished over the year, since for me the new year begins on my BD and not in January. And this year has been a suck-fest, beginning in December.
It cannot be over too soon.

Ever the optimist, I thank god for another year despite what it brings, and hope for the best.


I just wish it weren't so damn hot.


Tony Single said...

I can relate. Summers are no picnic in Oz either, and the humidity makes your clothes stick to you like a second skin. Cold showers do absolutely nothing to alleviate any of this.

Thank the heavens it's winter, although... I don't tend to find them much fun either. Oh well.

It's no fun when you're surrounded by chronic illnesses, or going through it yourself. Makes one feel quite vunerable, I find. I do hope things start looking up for you guys soon. In the meantime, I think a few "blehs" are in order. :(

Krimmyk said...

I can't wait till August 17th... ;-)

Ms. Anthropy said...

If my AC was on the fritz, I'd be in a hotel! Can not do without it! "HAPPY BIRTHDAY"... whatever day it's on!

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

I am so tired of summer and heat right now.
I am longing for just a cool 70 degrees at this point. No humidity and a cool breeze.
I long for October.

Chris said...

You know, this funk usually settles on you as your birthday approaches. There, I've said it. But the weather is ridiculously oppressive this year. And you do seem to have been entered in some "how much patience does she have?" contest. Here's to a change in the weather.

e said...

I feel stuck in hideous humidity and wonder why anyone would choose to live here. I did not, but that is another story.

I hope your birthday is nice. Mine's around the corner as well.

Here's to a better year ahead!

Jenn Erickson said...

Funny that you should mention "Dog Days". I was reading the other night and learned the origin of the term "Dog Days of Summer". It goes all the way back to the early Egyptians who use the star "Sirius", also known as "The Dog Star" to set their calendar (because its movements are linked to the seasons). On the first day of summer it rises just before the sun. We refer to the long, hot days of summer now as 'dog days' because Sirius marks their arrival. Who knew? Not me!