Friday, January 14, 2011

Don't Bite the Hand that Feeds You

What a week. Freezing temps, snow, our truck needs yet more expensive repair, and now the latest drama: we have been feeding a feral cat sleeping in the hay barn for weeks now that has been trying to angle a spot in our home. NO. WAY. With Corey's cat still with us and MC in the studio, we are up to four and that's my limit. Said cat is sweet, though, and since I have had some success placing strays in 'forever' homes after em-ing their pictures and a brief bio, Excy was on the terrace attempting a good picture when the cat freaked out and BIT the ever-loving $%^&**#@ out of his hand.

Dixie apparently had been lurking close to the glass and the cat felt threatened...the bite is to the bone and you can see the entire outline of his mouth and teeth. Excy's hand is now swollen and red and hurts like hell. He's on antibodiacs. I admit to being worried about it, I have heard so many horror stories (so please, please, don't tell me more). If it isn't better after the weekend I'll insist he go back for stronger stuff--I know it's nothing to ignore.

Thursday afternoon and again this coming Tuesday, I've been talking to 2nd year medical students at our teaching hospital about vHL. Since it's a NORD (rare disease), most don't know about it. This is the first time they've met with real patients, and learn not through lectures or a text book. For the most part they were very bright, respectful, and sensitive. (Guess that jaded dr thing is something a lot of them pick up as an intern). They came through in groups of five or six at a time and we met for 20 minutes each session. I found it interesting that the only student who wanted to ask me about the "mental and financial stresses of dealing with it all" had been a nurse for 10 years. She obviously learned the compassion gene in her first career and no doubt will be an excellent doctor. The jury's still out on the girl who grabbed my foot and welded a device to test reflexes without saying a word. Guess she hasn't figured out she's dealing with a person, not a 'disease.'

It's hard to believe I was their age when I had my first brain tumor. They seem so young. Doogie Howser was on the tip of my tongue (they probably wouldn't even know who that is). This is the 6th year I have done this, and it makes for a long day but I always enjoy it.


The Quintessential Magpie said...

Wye, I hope your husband's hand is better soon. My cousin had a bite like that, and while it hurt and did the same thing, it did heal.

It is interesting that the most compassionate intern was formerly in the trenches with patients and learned what is important to people. You're right. She will probably be the best doctor of all. Here's hoping for a cure for what you are battling.


Sheila :-)

Traci said...

I'm sure you guys are already tired of dealing with all the real life stuff while experiencing a freezing winter wonderland. We haven't talked to Alex's mom lately to see how things are in her neck of the woods.
Hopefully everything works out well with Excy's hand.
You do have an interesting vantage point when it comes to people watching. I can imagine that unless someone's a total icicle, it would be hard not to be humbled after years in the medical field. So, most likely you are correct about that girl. It's kinda like the rookie cop that wants to save the world and arrest jay walkers.

marciamayo said...

Your time spent with soon-to-be docs is a gift that will help so many others. Maybe Excy should have accompanied you to show them what a cat bite looks like

Arkansas Patti said...

I am glad you are keeping an eye one Excy, hand. I would make sure the cat stays close so you for at least 10 days so you can monitor the cats health. I would probably incarcerate him. Nuff said.
I was not aware that the new character on Grey's Anatomy played by Scott Foley, also has VHL. I will pay closer attention.

wendy said...

WOW --that teeth had some sharp teeth. are you sure it isn't a Sabre Tooth???

I have had very little (thankfully) hospital/medically needed experience. but the little I have....compassion tests should be passed along with text book exams. I have met some "nasty" nurses and doctors .
good health to you my friend.!!

wendy said...

ha ha...I meant that CAT had some sharp teeth (groan)