Monday, April 4, 2011

What the World (Doesn't) Need Now

Do we really need another book out on JFK, Jr? Or any of the Kennedys, for that matter?

Jr's girlfriend of four years from Brown University days (that's before Darryl Hannah and wife Carolyn Bessette, for anyone keeping it straight), said she sent a note to his sister Caroline warning of the impending memoir and said 'she would've said something if she had a problem with it.' Really? Did the silence from the non-response not send a message? Maybe Caroline's mom, 'Jackie O,' said, like mine, if you didn't have anything nice to say, it's better to say nothing at all? What would she have done if the family had said no -- table the book? Something tells me not...I think it was a done deal. Frankly, I think JFK Jr would've been appalled.

It feels a bit like vultures picking at carrion. Enough, already.

Though I know that as long as somebody has something to tell, stories will continue to pop up and sell. This doomed family is American Royalty and the public can't get enough. I wonder if the mini-series just out is any good?

Anyone know where JFK Jr's flight instructor is? I'm surprised there hasn't been a tell-all book out from him, about how Jr wasn't quite equipped to handle navigating a plane, especially with a hurt foot.

Enough, already...

We leave Wednesday at the crack of dawn to drive back to Santa Fe for Be's funeral. We are planning it--it's been difficult long distance. We'll be glad when it's all over. Not that we don't want to honor Be, just that it's been a long slog...


Retired English Teacher said...

I agree with you on the book. I haven't read it, but I think the tell-all books have dollar signs behind them or they wouldn't be written.

I can only imagine how hard it has been to plan from a distance. You will be in my thoughts.

Ms. A said...

Bless you on your travels, and peace to Be.

Jayne Martin said...

I had not heard of another tell-all on JFK, Jr. Not something I would care to read. I;m old enough to remember him at his father's funeral and I watched him grow up. His loss broke my heart. I'll always remember him and his family lovingly.

My thoughts are with you as you say your good-byes to Be.

marciamayo said...

I'll be thinking about you as you commemorate Be's life. I'm sure it will be beautiful.

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

I saw this woman being interviewed. As I am inclined to do I began talking back to the TV.
There is no reason for this book other than money, nothing new was being said, just another woman. I found it all distasteful.

I must stop watching news/tv because I am becoming more and more disappointed in people.

May you have safe travels and the celebration of Be's life give you both comfort.

Arkansas Patti said...

I think they have beaten the Kennedy saga to death. I won't buy the book nor watch the series. Enough was had years ago.
Have a safe trip let this honoring of Be give you some comfort.

Betty Manousos@ CUT AND DRY said...

Peace to Be.
Safe travels.
Sending love your way.

Betty xx

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Wye, I read an article in "Vanity Fair" about the book... it was an excerpt, and it was actually pretty interesting. Apparently, this girl knew Jackie and was friends with John for years before they "dated."

Since I bought the magazine for the article on Kate Middleton (I love the royal family), I went ahead and read this article, too. Because my favorite reads are historical biographies, I enjoyed reading this one about John. He did, whether he wanted to or not, play a role on the world stage due to his birth into the political arena. The Kennedys assured that they would have press, always.

I adore John John (he will always be John John to me, that little boy saluting as his father's coffin went by), and I adore Jackie. I would buy anything on either one of them simply because I like them both. As a matter of fact, I gave all of my houseguests a copy of Jackie's favorite poems, and one of them gave me a fabulous book on how she used fashion politically while she was in the White House. I was fascinated. She was such a class act and so smart. Made me love her all the more. Nothing anyone can say in a book is going to change that.

As to this girl, I really think she cared about John, but she is telling her own story as much as his. I would like to see "why" they didn't marry. She got injured in a horseback riding accident, and he was so much of an athlete that I imagine that could have played a part. She intitmated something about that. But I won't know unless I read it, and I haven't purchased a copy of the book. Don't know if I will or won't.

That might not make you feel any better about it, but it was actually not a bad read. That, from a fan of John Kennedy, Jr.


Sheila :-)

Mrs. Tuna said...

Sorry for your sorrows, please drive safely.

Beth - In My World... said...

First of all, safe travels to you. I wish you peace of heart in what has been a long journey.

Second of all, I am with you with the tell-alls. I also read the Vanity Fair article and although it was not a bad piece, enough already. I feel the same way about all the women who crawled out from under rocks to talk about their affairs with Tiger Woods and profited from the same with little to no regard for his family. How is Caroline supposed to feel as yet another story is told about her family's personal lives? What can possibly be said about or to those looking to profit off of their memories? Worse yet, what can possibly be said for a society that continues to pay for them?

Kittie Howard said...

I agree with you about tell-all books and, in particular, about this latest Kennedy book. I look forward to my Vanity Fair each month. I started the article, saw that it was well-written, read a bit more, then moved to another article. Some things just aren't my business.

I wish you a safe trip. I can only imagine how difficult this has been/is for you and your family. Peace to you and yours!