Monday, January 23, 2012

Monday Ranting about Nothing Important

Is anyone else rather disgusted (and totally not fooled) by the ubiquitous celebrity interview where the interviewer (typically a male interviewer does this) raves and swears that xx female celebrity is just "glowing....luminescent...line-less...despite not wearing a stitch of makeup..."


Female interviewers seldom write this, because as woman, they know better. They are savvy enough to realize any celebrity worth their salt has long been schooled in the 'art' of creating a natural appearing face.

You can bet their double-digit-carat diamonds some makeup artist has taught them how to apply all levels of looks, from natural to red-carpet ready, with all the tricks to emphasize their individual features. And they either know all the tricks or employ someone who does.

Unless the celebrity is in their 20s,* if they're being interviewed for a magazine, newspaper article or anything else, a trace of makeup will be found on their face.

Period. End of story.

* that is another annoying interview feature in itself -- since most everybody has great-looking skin in their 20s, raving about some one looking fabulously natural in the 20s?? No biggie...and the interviews where they 'bravely' have their photos take sans makeup?? Oh, please...


Austan said...

Hi IWW! Boy that makes me nuts. Anyone on any camera, soundstage or real stage is in full helmet face one way or another. If they weren't you'd see a cadaver. Who do they think they're speaking down to? I live in Vermont, the state that ignores popular culture. We don't usually wear makeup, but for out of state events near NYC, we will. I may even have to buy some. *shudder*
Cheers, and thanks for stopping by my blog!

traci's mixed bag said...

I tend to ignore that kind of stuff. Especially since Hollywood does not let teenagers be teenagers, and girls in their 20s are already elderly by the time they're 30. So unreal. If every woman on earth had a personal chef, a trainer, a hairstylist and makeup artist that come over every morning imagine how "natural" we could look.

Ms. A said...

I've seen some that certainly don't look like they have on makeup... and they look awful... just like I do "with my face on".

Recently saw a pic of Snookie, sans makeup, and she looked adorable. Can't help wondering why she doesn't adopt the nicer look. Oh, yeah, because it wouldn't go well with the persona!

Arkansas Patti said...

The ones I have seen with out a ton of make up usually look years older and quite ordinary.
But then it is like a house when you take down the Christmas ornaments. What used to be a very nice house before Christmas is now drab. I am all for less is better.

Susan Flett Swiderski said...

I have a kinda different nit to pick. A reporter for the Atlanta newspaper wanted to do an interview with me, and I requested that my husband be allowed to sit in on the interview. When the article came out, the writer didn't say anything about my "luminous skin," but he did attribute the most informative and clever things I said during our interview ... to my husband.

Thank you so much for visiting my blog, dear lady. It was my pleasure to return the favor, and to read some of your posts. Please count me in as your newest follower.

The Queen Bee said...

Thanks for visiting me. I wish I looked like some of these women when I first wake up. Oh that's right I can't. I would need 4 hours in a make-up chair first!