Monday, November 25, 2013


Since my last post --and all within 8 weeks -- after experiencing both parents diagnosed with cancer, wrecking a 2-day-old new car after the newly installed hand controls malfunctioned -- a car I still don't have back from the shop after 4 weeks and that is supposed to take two more weeks, incidentally -- tests for pain to determine whether or not the transplant was injured (it wasn't), a 1200 deposit not credited to my checking account, resulting in over-draft fees all week that had me tearing my hair out, two friends who died within a week, and not to mention 'mundane' concerns, such as financing a 1000 loan every month for the sanctuary to keep the mustang band intact -- I was beginning to lose it.

Believe me when I tell you you did not want to hear from me. Even I didn't want to hear from me. I alternated between wanting to burrow under the covers and wish sundown would hurry up so I could go back to bed, and selling my worldly goods on Ebay and loading up the cats and driving off into the sunset.

I'd be a bad daughter to leave now, as tempting as it is to consider. Or a wimp. Since I'm neither, I have had to wait until my innate positive attitude adjustment finally re-surfaced and I have begun to regain equilibrium again. No one's living an easy life these days (who I know, anyway). When suckiness piles on and you consider a name change to 'Job,' and wonder WTF the Universe has in mind, where do you go? What do you do?

I am focusing for the moment on simple pleasures of the now. Sometimes it feels like all I can process anyway. Cups of hot, properly brewed tea. A good book. Conversations with close friends. Dark chocolate. Cats. Exercise. Good food. Movies. (Yeah, escapism is definitely necessary).

This roller coaster will eventually flatten and the ride will ease up. And I'm tired of spending energy railing and grabbing for the rail bars in a panic. It's time to regain control over my actions and direct my energy to what positive emotions and pursuits I can.

Here are some wonderful things that have happened we have or are rejoicing in: Three sets of partners are now married in civil ceremonies ranging from New Mexico, New York,  and Vermont, with receptions to honor those commitments here at home; I won another essay to be published in December; all the animals are doing well; and I am hosting a baby shower for a young mom-to-be who became pregnant with twins on her first round of IVF...

Best wishes to everyone for a holiday of Thanksgiving, wherever you are and wherever you are on your journey. I look forward to watching the Macy's parade, as I do annually, LOL. With a lump in my throat. Blessings…….


Ms. A said...

Oh, my, but you have run into some glitches, haven't you! Glad you are okay!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Mitchell is Moving said...

Don't you just hate the end of summer? Thank you for reminding me, too, to be thankful for whatever good I happen to witness... And dark chocolate.

Here's wishing you a lot of wonderful nows!

ReformingGeek said...

Bless your heart! You've had more than your fair share of crappy happenings but I'm glad to hear some positive outcomes, too.

Happy Thanksgiving!

injaynesworld said...

It's so easy to let the darkness pile on and drag us under, especially with all you've been through, but you've got it right, Amy. Little bites. One moment at a time and find the joy in that moment. It's always there somewhere. Happy Thanksgiving, my friend.

Peruby said...

As I spend this beautiful day with family I will be reminded of all the struggles and along with you - just bask in the day. May some good luck come your way soon.

Retired English Teacher said...

That is a lot to deal with! Goodness. I'm glad things are going a bit better. Take care.