Friday, January 8, 2010

Elvis's Birthday

Woweee, it is so cold here -- 9 degrees last night, 24 degrees today -- projected 8 degrees tonight. Our little old electric cooperative can't keep up, and the heat shut off and on all night and morning and we kept faucets dripping so pipes don't freeze. The raccoons and skunks are mostly hibernating - we are only seeing a few early evening. The wild bunch love it though -- lots of racing up and down the hills and playful frolicking. Personally, I hate severe cold -- extremes of any kind. If I wanted to live in Alaska, I'd live in Alaska. But there's not much you can do about the weather.

Excy's cardio appt. today was as expected. Once he's recovered from his colon surgery he will need heart surgery. We'll schedule it around my kidney schedule this spring. He's feeling somewhat better, though, so we prowled around Barnes & Noble and I used a holiday gift card to buy the new biography on Louisa May Alcott. Yesterday he filled horse troughs and battened down the house for the cold spell. We watched 'New in Town' and felt marginally better that at least we weren't living where it gets insanely frigid as the norm.

I'm hoping when he gets up from a nap I can get him to bring the boxes down from the attic and I can begin clearing away Christmas decorations. Our live tree is very brittle and ornaments are beginning to droop . Today's the King of Rock and Roll's BD. TCM is running his movies and tributes all day, which isn't a bad way to spend the afternoon in the living room.


Erin said...

It's cold here, too! 2 degrees was our high for the day and suppposed to be -10 tonight. I can't cope.

I love me some Elvis!

Tricia McWhorter said...

So are the skunks a problem? We had squirrels rip open our heat ducts to build nests in the insulation when we lived in Tahoe. And of course the coyotes made life problematic for the dog and our cats. The bears could get into mischief too but we never had to deal with skunks.

Anonymous said...

Being from Memphis orginally and having the first name I do should clue you into my family a bit hahaa. I saw a bit of "Clambake" today... gosh he sure was handsome. I used to go to Graceland as a child. I thought it was so cool. Now it is kinda funny, campy.
Sounds like you hubs is in for a round of serious surgery and you with your kidney surgery, Bless you both!
Oh and I would love to know how you end up liking the Louisa May Alcott bio! I adore her writing:)

Eva Gallant said...

Good luck with both your surgeries, and stay warm!

Aunt Juicebox said...

It's cold all over the country! This is some cold spell. It's even cold in Florida so for once my sister isn't laughing and rubbing her flipflops in my nose. lol
Glad to hear Excy is home and recovering. =)

CatLadyLarew said...

I'm glad you have someone to "Love Me Tender" with!

strokeofliving said...

Well I'll just enrage everyone by saying that the weather here in California has been quite lovely. Christmas through the new year has averaged 70 degrees. I know everyone says that they can't take the cold but for me it's weird after having a stroke, the cold literally adversely affects the left side of my body [that's the weaker side]. My muscles make my arm curl up to my body. In warmer weather my arm muscles relax.

Although having surgery isn't fun, it is good news that you and Excy are scheduling to have them around the same time in the Spring.

My favorite Elvis Presley movie is "Blue Hawaii" always has been. Until I moved out West I used to watch it every year. Now that you've reminded me of TMC tribute, I'll have to watch it again, woo hoo! Right now "Libeled Lady" is on with Jean Harlow and Spencer Tracy.

Sending warm thoughts your way...

wendy said...

All the ailments you and your hubby have had to endure has certainly humbled me and reminds me to be thankful for my good health. I hope you guys continue to improve!!

everyone is sure battling the cold eh. Actually, we are having some nice weather right now here in alberta. In the high 30's which is good for here --and LOTS of sunshine which certainly brightens my soul.
fun to watch the horses (we have 3) play around in the snow eh.

got the tree put away yet??