Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Truck Fever

Excy's got new truck fever. Or at least, new to us. As in a '09 Dodge diesel he found on Craig's List that resides in Texas. But at this point, almost any Dodge will do as long as it pulls 1500 lbs.

I don't blame him. The '03 Ford has given us nothing but financial and other headaches for two years. No one will take responsibility, but the same parts need fixing, and my mechanic cousin says there is no way it could keep happening unless it was 'fixed' incorrectly. Regardless, it's cost us around $4000 so far, and left us stranded on the side of the road for two days on the way to Santa Fe, using up all the money I had saved for Indian market and then some. To hell with it. Excy doesn't feel comfortable driving it long-distance especially pulling horses. He doesn't fit in my little Vibe, and it can't haul a trailer anyway. We need a tough vehicle.

We don't have the money to repair it this time so it's sitting at the service center. Knowing they caused the problem when they 'fixed' it last time, and would charge $800 to replace a part we can buy wholesale for $400 leaves a bad taste in my mouth, anyway.

He's been talking about selling it as is and using the money to finance another one. Or leasing. He's a smart man. He'll figure it out. It is a model that people like and if they are a mechanic, it'd be a good deal.

All these financial pressures are building, as we knew they would after the 'year of surgery' last year. Selling the house is a given. More people are interested in the property. I'd rather keep it so we have the option to build across the street if a move west doesn't pan out. I told him when we'd go out in a few weeks I'd keep an open mind but I don't want to be backed into a corner.

Sigh. In the meantime, it's a lovely day...


ReformingGeek said...


I wish positive vibes would help your poor truck.

marciamayo said...

And positive vibes to your current financial woes. Money troubles are a part of life, I think, no matter how much we have.

Arkansas Patti said...

Goodness, you are faced with some tough decisions. I will stick with a car till it leaves me on the side of the road. That I find unforgivable.
Seems like this truck has done all it intends to.
Good luck and hope you get what you want.

"Alone again.... naturally!" said...

I hope everything works out for the best and you get to keep your wonderful home. Cars come and go but I feel your heart is there with your wonderful wild horses!

wendy said...

financial pressures are sooooooo hard to deal with and make for a lot of stress. I hope you are able to find the best way possible of "getting everything in order".
Hope you find the truck of your dreams.
Do you know my husband has a 1990 gem of a truck that we still use.

Traci said...

I know there's not much to do but hang in there. You are a strong woman and I admire you. Thank you for always being inspiring even when your world is falling apart, you guys are in my prayers.