Friday, September 30, 2011

Fabulous Finds Friday: Natural Stress Relief

I haven't done one of these in a long time. I grabbed this off the shelf today and thought, huh. So here goes:


In a cherry yellow bottle, RR can be found at most stores that carry homeopathic meds and organic food. It is pricy -- a tall bottle costs $17.99 -- but will last a few months (if you're a daily user like me) or longer.

I have been using RR since I first starting using homeopathic meds and starting acupuncture back in 1985. I was seeking a kinder way to handle chronic pain and to buck up my immune system from cancer (vHL). RR sort of fell into my path.

RR is a flower essence you take by dropping it directly on your tongue, or by dropping it and diluting it in a glass of water. It also comes in a spray. I have done all three but prefer it in water. It tastes lovely, as one could imagine, since it uses the essences of flowers and tree blossoms, such as wild clematis, rock rose, impatiens, cherry plum, and star of bethlehem, among others.

It reduces stress and anxiety and leaves no lingering side-effects. It won't work against allopathic meds. It's very subtle, but, it works for me. I take it every day, and also before leaving the house when I do something like speak in public or go out to dinner or a party. It gives me a little 'lift' and some mental 'armor.'

A few years ago, I read in a Whole Living pet column that it was recommended for animals having problems. My male, Lenny, was beating up my timid older cat, Togo, so I called my vet and he said it'd be fine, so now the cats get some in their water dish every day. Total harmony does not reign, but they are much better and we notice more squabbling when I've run out and they haven't gotten any. It just makes them a bit mellower.

I recommend it to friends on occasion when they are confiding to feeling stressed or anxious, and am a little surprised it isn't very well known. There are 36 different kinds of essences for all kinds of emotional states, and I've tried about a half-dozen others. But I keep returning to RR. If you try it and don't like it, I'll buy if from you~!


Ms. A said...

Lord, I need a bottle!

Arkansas Patti said...

Hay, that is a deal and I could really use some mellowing each time I read the headlines.

Journaling Woman said...

I need to try this. Thanks for the info.

Ashling said...

Thanks for the reminder! I haven't thought about RR in years. I should keep some on my desk for those days when work is particularly hairy!

Sharon Morris said...

I've used Rescue Remedy in the past, both for myself and the cats. I learned about it from my FuRR friends (cat rescue group). You can even place the drops on the skin inside an ear - much easier than trying to dose by mouth. Need to get a new bottle for myself - very stressful times at work. Thanks for the reminder!