Thursday, November 5, 2009

Over the Top

Thank you, Glamaray, for your lovely 'over the top' award...As I told Ms 'Ray, it makes me feel just like Sally "You like me! You really like meeee" Fields! I now get to pass this along, as the rules are you pass it, tell the people you pass it to to post it with your blog address, and for them to pass it along and take the quiz below using only one word answers......hard for one as verbose as I....

Where is your cell phone? Car
Your hair? Long
Your mother? Delightful
Your dad? Sleeping
Your favorite food? Seafood
Dream last night? Quirky
Favorite drink? Margarita
Goal? Publish
What room are you in? Library
Hobby? Many
Fear? Sometimes
Where do you want to be in 6 years? Healthy
Something you aren't? Bigoted
Muffins? Yes
Wish List? Always
Where did you grow up? Arkansas
Last thing you did? Acupuncture
What were you wearing? Sheet
Your TV? Off
Your pets? Many
Friends? Wonderful
Your life? Interesting
Your mood? Amused
Missing someone? Yes
Vehicle? Vibe
Something you're not wearing? Hat
Favorite color? Blue
Last time you laughed? Minutes
Last time you cried? Months
Best friend? Fortunately
Place you could go over and over? London
Person who em's regularly? Jennifer
Favorite place to eat? BossaNova

So....I hereby pass this along to:
Krowe over at Letter from Joshua, who always has interesting things to say.
E. at wrestling with retirement for being a fun read.
And to D, at stroke of living for her insight.


From the O-Zone said...

Congratulations. London - you too, huh?

Anonymous said...

London is the popular place again.

strokeofliving said...

Hey lovely lady,

Congratulations on you blog award. And THANK YOU again and again for honoring me with this same award. My admiration for you is equivalent to my respect for you. When you survive a traumatic injury -an earthquake if you will - to your body as we both have, your awareness takes you to a completely different level.

Have a great weekend and day will you please share your first name with me? I searched for it but all I know is your hubby's name "Excy." Have a great weekend, I'm off to pay it forward to other blogs that I read.

I'm, according to you I'm OVER THE TOP. But because you honor me, I'm actually over the moon :-)

Eva Gallant said...

Thanks so much for the award and the kind words!

plainolebob said...

Amy, must be your week come see what is at plain olebob2 for you to hang on the wall

BlackLOG said...

One word answers, I would so get disqualified from the quiz....Why say one good word when a 100 bad ones would do the same job....

Leslie said...

That's a great quizzy, one words answers, not so much.

strokeofliving said...

Oh, your name is Amy? How come I never knew that? Please don't tell me it's actually posted someplace publicly and I'm the doofus. If plainolebob commented to help me out thank you so much. I don't want to be the doofus.

Betty said...

Amy, congrats on your award!
I love London too.
Have a great-weekend!

Aunt Juicebox said...

Good job! Don't you love getting new swag?

There is a little boy who takes bagpipe lessons with me, and his mom plays the hammered dulcimer, but I think I heard her say she picks it instead of hammers it? Uhh, anyway, I've always wanted to play one of those since the first time I saw one as a teenager but the lessons for those are even harder to find than they were for bagpipes.

kys said...