Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Stonehenge on the Terrace

Excy's converting the therapy pool from running exclusively on propane to a combination of fuel and electricity, and it involves all manner of complicated pipes, tubing, motors, and gadgets he's spent months tracking down in stores and on the internet and then building and assembling.

He took me into the 'engine room/pump house' or whatever the room with all the equipment is in is called, and tried explaining it to me, but my coherent husband suddenly began speaking in tongues or Swahili, so all I could do was nod meaningfully and say "wow" until he stopped speaking. I was impressed, of course, which was the point and all he hoped for, and the end result will be a hot pool again, which is all I hope for. So, as Gary Cooper's 'sheriff' says to his new 'bride' Grace Kelly in High Noon, "that's the whole thing." More info than that on the subject and my eyes glaze. Fortunately Excy knows this.

At one point he had to solder some pipes and set up a few cinder bricks stacked on the terrace to the height he needed and they're still there a week later. Excy being Excy, this could mean he's not finished, or it could mean he's wandered off and left them on permanent display until I gently bitch them off to some unprominent spot. Hosting Thanksgiving tomorrow means this will happen today. (Mostly my nudging means things happen eventually, the general rule of thumb being three weeks after my reminders).

Any hoo -- the first night the bricks were on the terrace, I threw the dog food out for the 'coons and critters as usual when it grew dark and didn't think anything about it until later when I was walking down the hall to the bedroom. The corridor is glass so I always glance out to see if we have any 'customers' on the terrace and if they need more food. Three coons were clustered around the blocks, sort of scratching their heads and ohhing and ahhing, and touching the bricks. It reminded me of that scene in the movie 2001 where the apes are admiring the monolith. (Anyone want to explain that movie to me? Oh forget it - I don't really care). At one point in the evening, several more 'coons were examining the bricks and a few others appeared genuinely concerned and in consultation off to the side. By the end of the night I would not have been surprised to see choice offerings laid at the foot of the brick or to see the 'coons in makeshift shriner's hats worshiping in some pagan rite.

Everything's calmed down as the week's gone by, and even the skunks (notoriously timid and shy) shuffle by unconcernedly now.


Eva Gallant said...

That is too funny! I can just see those 'coons! lol

strokeofliving said...

Okay the significance of the film "2001" is...
Just kidding, haven't actually seen it.

It is an honor to have you follow my blog Lovely Lady, an honor! Enjoy the holiday. Excy rules :-)

Aunt Juicebox said...

lol This reminds me of my daughter's great grandmother who used to feed the raccoons, and one possum, that she called Ophelia. They always came out around the same time in the evening for their "dinner".

ReformingGeek said...

Animals are so funny. As for the monolith, I'm clueless, and I've seen the movie, more than once.

My heart still bleeds for poor Hal.


Happy Thanksgiving!

Silver said...

I was reading your blog and as i scrolled down on your older posts, i just had to say, i absolutely love the 7 things you shared about yourself. Especially no 3.

i think i am too. ;)


plainolebob said...

I loved that blog from beginning to end, funny how sometimes when we build or re-invent what ever it is we are setting up, when we are trough, filled with pride, we want the one we love the most to see it and get that loving feed back.You did that so well.
Those dang coons, I always leave the food where I can see their reactions, which is off the back bedroom window, they are so funny to watch. Maybe I should build an alter or shrine, just to see their reaction.
HAPPY THANKSGIVING to you and yours

wendy said...

It appears my hubby also needs "gentle reminding" (gentle bitching) to put things away and get it done. so funny.

coons--------that's pretty funny
and hope your thanksgiving was wonderful

Helen McGinn said...

Maybe they were wondering how they could transport them to make a home for themselves....there thinking "well, if it's good enough for one of the little piggies and now pretty lady who feeds us has bricks to spare....."

Helen McGinn said...

Oh gawd, I hate it when I inadvertently use the wrong 'there'. It isn't often I do and usually whilst distracted but it annoys me enough to point out my random mistake to anyone who will listen, just so that you don't think my grammar is poor. I mean, in the bigger scheme of things, who cares but I've been stuck in ill...ill I tell ya, ill!....and I have cabin fever....I should stop now.....please stop typing soon....stop. typing. now.


Anonymous said...

That's crazy that you are so close to animals. The only ones I see are dogs and cats around these parts.

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment at my blog. I think you would like the Bare Skin scent and it also sounds like the layering you do now must be working. I'm your newest blog follower. :0)

Tam said...

All I can think of is one little raccoon saying to the other, "hmmm, it's crunchy on the outside..." - you cracked me up!