Friday, December 18, 2009

The Tribe has Spoken -- and Fab Finds Friday

Thanks everyone for your thoughts re: botox. It was a whim influenced by the freebie and M. saying how fabulous it is not to have a furrowed brow for awhile -- I will talk to the spa people and try to barter. If not, M. will get a fabulous present!

Fab Finds Friday, for those of you who are rather new to this blog, are things I have used forever and really like -- have held up though the years. These all work for me. And I am not anywhere important or influential enough to be a 'shill' for a manufacturer or anything like that!

This Friday I am touting the loofa shower gloves I have used for a decade now -- not the same ones, of course, though they do last forever -- They are easy to slip off and on, lather up nicely, and the light scrub you feel from using them makes you feel cleaner than a wash cloth and more polished. Also, they are easier to wash out and dry more quickly than a wash cloth.

In the spirit of the holidays, I will send a free pair to the person who makes a comment to this post that makes me laugh out loud. I will make a decision Monday and post the comment and link the blog.


Christiejolu said...

Hey! Sorry I didn't get to read your post yesterday. I think you look beautiful and do not need the Botox! But I can say if I had a chance at free cosmetic surgery I may go for it. But You definitely do not need it!

OOOH loofa shower gloves! So cool and safe, I can not break a bone with one and I can not cut off anything with one!(Unless of course I fall in the shower) You know me! Klutz #1!

Jazz said...

Not trying to make you laugh, and I already have a loofah (and it's loofah love for me), but I was flabbergasted a few weeks ago when I found out that loofah, before it's dry is actually an edible gourd or squash or something like that. who the hell knew you could eat it before you washed with it!

Myrnie said...

My 4-year-old was giving a "piano lesson" to an invisible friend this morning. She left to get dressed, and the 15-month-old climbed up on the bench to play.

The bedroom door opens: "Mimi! You're squashing my piano student! Now she's destroyed!"

Eva Gallant said...

Loofa shower gloves....hmmmmm...all kinds of possibilities for a little "personal" joy!

Lisa Marie said...

I had this really long loofa on a stick. Well, not so much of a traditional loofa as a lon shower pouf on a plastic stick. I loved it. I could do my whole back with it. It reached from my neck to my tushie cleavage. I had it for a few years. Yes, I did wash it. Hmmm washing something that is used to wash. Does seem redundant. I did it anyway. Well one day I retrieved it from the dishwasher. It had become this sad half melted loofa thing. It had fallen apart. I tried to wind it around the long stick and kinda tie it around itself. I thought I rigged it up pretty good. So there I was taking my night shower ( I do my night shower in the dark to relax me) and as I was washing my body it began to sort of unravel. I had to pull this half melted baby blue bath pouf from my tushie. Alas, my loofa had finally met its'end.Literally. I did manage to find a new one at Bed Bath and Beyond. My new one is pink!

Tam said...

Wish I could whip out some loofa humor - but I can't, so I'll just vote instead (not that you asked), The piano student was hilarious, and Eva - sassy girl!!

My name is PJ. said...

I don't even know what loofah gloves are, to be honest....but, if they leave you polished, well that'll surely satisfy the scores of people in my life who've told me I just needed a bit more polish. I've always wanted to have the shiniest ass in the state.

ReformingGeek said...

Roses are Red
Violets are Blue
Glad You Will Not Be Doing Botox
Letting the Poisons Take Over You!

Cat asked if loofahs taste like mouse.