Saturday, October 3, 2009

Family Feud

The divine Ms. Togo aka 'Bird' with her 'baby'

Phoenix (far right) with her brothers Scat and our dear-departed Xenon
I will look for a photo of Lenny before he gets a complex.....

Lenny* and Phoenix** got into a border dispute on my stomach last night (or should I say this morning, since it was 3 a.m). With the cooler weather, everybody wants to sleep on 'mama's' side of the bed, because Excy tosses and turns. Togo*** then came in and pulled rank on everybody and shoved her butt in my face to sleep on my chest. Leno and Fifi jumped off and proceeded to square off noisily. I swear, sometimes it's the 'Sharks' and 'Jets' around here. (Ya'll have seen West Side Story??)

*Named in honor of Lenny on Law & Order and Lenny Bruce. And no, he doesn't keep kosher.
** So named because she was born in our fire pit. When Excy set fire to the brush, her mom flew out and Excy stopped and put on his volunteer fireman's gloves and found this newborn among the fire and ash.
*** Togo looks like the reincarnation of my first beloved 'kid,' a tortishell I named Gogo, for her gogo boots. When she died, Togo came along (Gogo the second). I hope to live long enough to enjoy a 'Thurgo' -- maybe even a 'Forgo.'


Brenda Jean said...

WAAAAA...I miss Lenny so much. Law and Order was never the same. How lovely of you to honor him by naming your cat after him. Dang, wish I had thought of that. Two of my cats try to sleep on my chest while I'm reading. I kid you not. They are jealous of my book!

PaperbackWriter said...

Aren't the four footed furballs just characters. I love Phoenix's story and the name!

Why must they always be causing such ruckus while we mere human's try to sleep?