Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Egg and I

Every winter a local nonprofit holds a fundraiser called 'Eggshibition,' where artists and others interested in doing so decorate a gesso egg that is then entered into silent auction. The WOWs (see 'WOW' posting) have discussed entering an egg for a few years and last winter L. and I decided to go for it.

The theme in '08 was 'Eggs in the City.' Totally lame. Inspired, I guess, by the movie Sex and the City that was making a splash at the time. Since I'm obsessed with the movie Rear Window (one of the greatest Hitchcock movies ever -- If you have not seen it -- promise me you will rent it as soon as you finish reading this post and then report back to me about how much you loved it), I immediately decided that was what we'd do -- a diorama of our egg, "Jimmy" (Stewart) called "LB Jeffries, or Jeff" in the movie, who spent the entire film stuck in a wheelchair spying on his neighbors across the courtyard, who would be chicks living in egg carton 'condos.' L. and I brainstormed and the end result -- well, as you can see, the end result looks very much like a 5th grade project - but we had fun, anyway.

Most of the neighbor characters are represented. "Miss Torso," the ballerina, is the chick in the tutu, obviously. The "honeymooners" have the shade drawn. The villain, "Thorwald," is in the dark smoking a cigarette. Look closely and there is a curl of smoke coming from the 'cigarette.' (Important part of the movie). And so on...D. helped tremendously. Not being an experienced sewer (this is putting it kindly - I got a D in sewing, and was the only student who didn't have to 'model' their shirt), I messed up the dimensions and D. had to re-sew "Jimmy/Jeff's" pj's a second time. And she made the tutu. The chicken wire is to reflect the 'coop' mentality.

I'm thinking there were better executed eggs, but I bet no one had as much fun. And ours did have flair!

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S.E. Sward said...

Very ambitious! Love it!!!