Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Trick or Treat

On occasion we're fortunate enough to have media attention focused on the Sanctuary. Two local magazines, and a TV station, have run features on Excy and the 'wild ones.' Now a TV station wants to do a follow-up. The last time they were here was two years ago on Halloween. Because this is basically Excy's department, I planned to stay off to the side and watch the show as they taped. Because it was Halloween and my favorite holiday, I was wearing all-black, with a black widow crystal studded t-shirt. Honestly, compared to what I've worn in the past, this was most tame. The TV interviewer started making me nervous, trying to encourage me into the camera's view and to talk on camera as well. I kept edging away and ducking out of sight. When the program aired, to my mortification there I am, on camera, but thankfully only my back is repeatedly seen. Causing Excy and friends to refer to me as 'the mysterious woman in black.' This time, I still don't plan to be seen, but you can bet I won't be in costume.

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Jamie Watson said...

That is funny. Speaking of which, you made me laugh today from the comment you left on Clare's Lilac site.