Friday, September 11, 2009

A Rant for Today (much needed and seldom voiced)

When I read or hear someone saying how having cancer is "a blessing" because of all they learned and how the experience has taught them how to reorder their priorities blahblahblah, I want to puke.

Cancer is so not a blessing.

In any way, shape, or form.

It's a big, fat, wet, pain in the ass.

Usually those characters had cancer, have lived through it, and have come out from walking though fire through a dark tunnel to the other side.

I speak only for myself, of course, but as one who has lived with VHL/cancer/chronic illness that has me slightly disabled for longer than I have lived as an able-bodied person, one who will always have cancer and will most likely die from it's complications, well, maybe I would feel more grateful if I had it and had lived through it and was over it, but that is not the case. So I don't feel all that magnanimous. And I say the hell with all that.

What I do find to be a blessing that I give thanks for every day are an absolutely incredible partner, and family and friends who are so supportive that even when they don't suspect it, they can make me feel my life is pretty damn wonderful.

One day I will blog about the VHL and surgeries and daily living with being disabled in an able-bodied world. But not today.

Today's a rant day.


S.E. Sward said...

Rant all you want. You're entitled. And I love to read a good rant! :-)

Flory said...

There's something therapeutic about ranting - no? Stopping by from SITS.

strokeofliving said...

I've never heard of VHL and you are entitled to rant any Ol' time you please. I do it many times on my blog and for those who don't like it tough sh@t.

No one has walked in your shoes nor would they be able to, CHARACTER. You see, I can say that because I'm still living as a partially disabled person three years post stroke.

And I completely get that there is no comparison between VHL cancer and an ischemic stroke.

Rant on SITStah' rant on...!!